SMPT Mandiri Al Fajri

Life skill for a better life: eco-friendly enterprise

More photos of our business facility and activity

on September 2, 2011

River nearby where we collect plastics waste

Preparing business site

40% finish of the business site

Washing pool

Diesel to to roll washing blade

Pipeline for water flowing to washing pool

Dry plastics as basic material for the business

Students beside dry plastics their "future business"

Above are some photos of our business starting from the beginning up to present. There will some changes be implemented:

1. When the washing machine (diesel) is ready to operate it will replace washing process manually.

2. The washing machine will next be replaced by an eco-friendly energy sources, such as water, wind or solar (sun) energy. At the mean time, diesel is generated by fuel. The use of natural energy is anticipated towards the big project establishing sustainable school.

We realize this big project is not an easy one, we need to be out of the box: more human resources and more financial are needed,

We believe that School Enterprise Challenge

is a starting point to the project.


Muslihudin Sharbinie

Project Leader


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