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School Enterprise Challenge: phase II (part 1)

on September 23, 2011


Colouring business.

For last two weeks we were busy implementing the second phase of the business that was screening paint training as had been planed last month. The plan, however, was changed and coloured our business  “out of the box”  known nationally. Our full reports of the month are as follows.

Preparing business’ facility

September 9 , 2011

Business facility is one of many factors supporting business activity to run well. Considering its significance, we prepared all what our business  needs. Two of those urgent facilities are having room for the activity and rack to store screening painting and other materials. As our school is lack of room, we decided to use my garage as business class where the team work.

At first the decision was not supported by the members. Most of the members thought it was unrepresentative and and need a lot of work to do.  At the end, all members agreed to the decision after the Project Leader explained that doing any business one must consider resource available. Using any resource available means less expense is spent. Turning a mass garage into a good one meant we had to work hard. The team were divided to do who did what. Another business facility we need is rack. Again, we made ourselves with resources available. All team are involved and work happily. The team really did great job.

Chance never comes twice 

September 19-21, 2011

School Enterprise Challenge goes around Indonesia

Above is old Indonesian proverb and came to our business and brought it into a wider market.  The Indonesian Minister of Education   invited our school to participate on a three-day teacher professional development workshops at national level. This workshops was held from September 19-21, 2011 attended by more than 200 teachers from 50 different schools. The workshops was officially opened by the head of Education Agency of West Java Province. There were also some  representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, and other government officials.

What made this event was so important for our business was that we had chance to promote the business and gained wider market place. During the workshops we displayed our activity and have had many questions about the business and our involvement on School Enterprise Challenge. There were some schools interested in our business and would like to be our business partner. Some schools proposed us to make products with waste-paper based. Another type of business opportunity is ahead our eyes.

Getting real customer

September 22-24, 2011

Business Team is posing in front of our business partner's shops

One of many  factors determining business is sustainable customers, – real customers. Sustainable customer mean secure and long-lasting ones. Having such kind of customers will ensure business survive and compete with others. Facts has shown that a lot of business activity was closed as they do not have sustainable customers. Considering this importance,  the team decided to establish business partnerships with prospect customers.

Based on job description we have created earlier, this task falls under marketing division. On September 22, the division then drafted document and put forward into a discussion. During the discussion team members examined draft of partnerships document, and we finally created the document of business partnerships. Our business partners target were schools, shops, government and private offices, and foundations. Our business partnerships is MOU_business

Creating real customers mean we must give the best service so that they satisfied.  Satisfaction will come if we know what customers’ preferences are. To understand our prospects customers, on September 22, we had meeting discussing on how we could gain it. To discus this matter, on September 23, we had another meeting. The meeting started in the morning, ran fruitfully and we agreed on creating survey to collect data needed. The data collection was carried out using survey sheet containing some questions.

The next activities were implementing business partnerships and customers’ preferences survey. These two activities were carried out on the same day after we had break time. We then worked based on who do what management and went to different places and should report at noon time. At noon, the team met and reported what the findings were.  The first report was from team conducting business partnerships. They reached business partnerships agreement with two prospectus business partners: school and shops and become our business partner for two years ahead and will be renewed for another two years period or longer upon the two parties agreement . Based on the agreement we sell the products on certain condition and our partners are allowed to resell the products at higher price.

Our business is not all about money we get, but we educating community to be care for the environment. Learning from the experiences that plastics waste is continuing to raise as the producers (companies) are keep producing product s with plastics packing. Those businesses produce plastics waste and effort to alleviate it is really rare. Both government and companies put money as their first priority instead of environmental protection.

As a part of reaching our school mission and promote our business we wrote some companies asking their responsibility for waste they produce. We proposed the companies to buy our products made from waste they produce on partnerships base. Unfortunately, to the time we wrote the blog we have not heard any response from the companies (; We will not give up, we will keep effort asking them to be responsible for the waste they produce. The business team proposed we should hold more campaign and hold demonstration if necessary.  Great team to work with.

Business Team working on customer survey sheet

What the team have learnt from the two activities during the day was that they practiced real business in reality.   The team said that during the  business partnerships establishment they had to explain all about the business, make sure the business partner and negotiate. The team also said that in the interview activity, at first  they felt nervous  but as they move from one respondent to another the interview run well. They were really excited doing the interview. This activity was real lesson to students in understanding part of business activity.

Based on the interview sheet we understand what customers’ trend towards the products including type, model, colour, price and other related information. The data also reveled what our rival strength and weakness that we can play our role in the right track. All information we collected was very important to our business because they give on how the products should be made according to customers’ preference. This we believe will push our business on top.

Raising community ‘s awareness

Team is designing poster

We realize that running business plastics-waste-based is a hard work and many challenge a head. Community at our surrounding is not used recycle waste nor use recycled product. But, we believe that there is always opportunity behind challenge.  All we need is to raise community’s awareness about how important healthy environment to our life is. Having discussion on how our product can be marketed to community we concluded there should be an effort: campaign.

Our first step to the effort was getting community attention on what we are doing. We then decided to hold environmental campaign and made preparation to hold this big event. One of those activity was designing the campaign team and made necessary arrangement. We hope this campaign will raise community awareness to use recycled things, our product and to be more care towards environmental protection.

Getting people attention: business mascot and campaign 

September 26, 2011

Business mascot

Doing business requires people attention both to the activity and product. Business needs to have its own icon reminding people to the product. To reach it, on September 26 the team had discussion on how our business be represented. There were many idea and suggestion proposed. Every one had opportunity to explained their argument. We finally reach agreement to have business mascot represented by student covered by black plastics holding a globe. It represents plastics pollutes the Earth. The earth will be dominated by plastics unless people do something  about it. Our business, we believe is one of the solution to plastics waste problem.

The next activity was environmental campaign to the school and community at the surrounding. The activity started at school opened formally by the Team Leader and later the team spread accordingly. Some students went to schools, community housing, while others to  government and private office.

Briefing before the campaign team is spreaded

This campaign focused on waste plastics problem to environment, human and other inhabitants of the Earth. The team persuaded and called on people to reduce plastics usage and use recycled products. During the campaign the team looked so excited and had good response from the people.

Poster used on campaign activity

Getting things right

Business Team doing rack-painting work

September 27, 2011

Today we did not have much to do except finishing  rack to keep the materials needed for the business. This work was started two weeks  ago and today we could get things all done.

It is our policy that in every work every  one should get involved. Some team members doing wood work, polishing and others painting the rack. Every one played his own role. We were happy being able to keep the members cooperating. Things become easier when we cooperate.

By the end of this month we believe,we are ready to begin producing our products and begin to sell the product in November or earlier. That is why, starting tomorrow our plan is focused on product production. We have checked all necessary arrangement for the rest days of the month.  We have solid business team, business facility, business partner and financial support. We are ready to the path of business’ production as things are set.  Markets are waiting for us!

Training on producing product  and its innovation

September 30, 2011

Production Team and its Production Coordinator

We were happy because we were on the track to finish all activities of this month. As has been planned before the last day of September will be used for production training activity. To begin with all production team, all are 8 grade students had a meeting to have brief explanation. This meeting was lead by Project Leader and facilitated by Production Coordinator and last for about 2 hours.

The main agenda of the meeting was to give training on how we produce plastics waste-base product and was hoped it could raise members’ product innovation.  At the opening, the Project Leader re-stressed the main goal of the business  and our participation on the School Enterprise Challenge. “As we are all aware that plastics has been causing problems to environment, that is why our business is not all about money we want to get, but most of all we want to lessen the environment’s burden from plastics waste. But, our business will of course turn into a successful one if we all do it seriously, patiently, and work hard. We all are agree our business is an eco-friendly enterprise, doing business while protecting our environment”. That was the main point of  what the Project Leader reminded us. He also mention that we were one among the sevenths best blog writer of August entry. We would work harder to be the best!

The next activity was training activity lead by Project Leader and Production Coordinator in turn. It was started by Project Leader’s presentation and followed by training in action led by Production Coordinator. During the training the team were very excited and gave many input and innovation that could    furnish the products better. Followings are training presentation and activity. It review briefly on how plastics waste is turned into more useful products. The Production Coordinator gave sample on how to make a pencil case

A. Material and tools needed

Materials and tools needed

1. Various plastics waste

2. Zipper

3. Sewing thread

4. Scissors

5. Cutter/knife

6. Ruler

7. Sewing machine

8. Bucket

9. Water

Sewing machine

B. Steps

1. Select the type of plastics that suits with needs. This plastics should be strong enough

Plastics waste we collected from home, schools, rivers and landfills

2. Wash until it is clean and no dirty is left

3. Dry under the sun. Though the best way is drying in the dry room

4. Design any form of stuff be made

5. Reverse the inside part of the plastics so that become out side part

6. Sewing all sides of the plastics

7. Sewing zipper on the top

8. Reverse for second time  so that the outside look of the plastics turning into as it looks first.

Selected plastics waste

Washing process

Drying process

Cutting process based design selected

Some possible end products

The training lasted for about two hours. All team members still shown spirit. We then had discussion on how our product could be marketed well. There were many ideas came up, we loved to hear those thought. One of the idea that we discuss further was we should make the products as close as to customers’ preferences. This is particularly for teenagers where they usually have their idol. Members agreed to make product based on order where customers can have their own drawing or pictures on the products.

Possible product as the way the plastics are

Other team members still wanted the plastics just the way they are. This is as part of the environmental campaign effort. “We need to show those plastics producers that they left waste, and we care of those waste”. One of the team members argue. To cover those two ideas, we agreed to diversify the products: one just the way the plastics waste are and the other by giving innovation to make the product more interesting. We believe this product diversification will enrich our business. We ended today activity by shaking hand to each other, hoping for the best!!

Possible product with innovation added


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