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School Enterprise Challenge: phase II (part 2)

on October 12, 2011


The product making training held last month has enable production team able to produce our business product. Thus, the activity on October will be focused on product production so that in early November we will be able to market our business. Starting producing has also brought us to other supporting activities such as collecting raw material, selecting suitable materials, empowering business team, and over all management. In this October blog entry, we would like to give full report through the month and will be updated accordingly as agenda may change unexpectedly.

Introducing business to new Head School

October 5, 2011

Farewell and Welcome Banner to Old and New Head School

Today some teachers attended farewell and welcoming ceremony of old and new Head Schools. We attended the even as we  thought that our business should be known and supported by the new Head School. During the ceremony we thank  the old Head School, H. Dedi Haidir for his continuing support to our business. We also explained the business to the new Head School, Mr Abdullah and hoped he support it.

More product; less waste

October 12, 2011

Producing activity will of course need raw materials as much as possible, or at least can cover the number of production we were planning. To support the activity, team business had meeting discussing on how the raw materials be collected, kind and number of product we produce.

The team collaborated with Environmental Science teacher then decided to call on all students, grade 7, 8 and 9 to bring plastics waste as part of the lesson. Those who bring it will get mark for the subject. Marking systems is arranged according to amount and quality of the plastics. All students were excited not only as they will bring waste they left at home but also they get involved in the business.

At break time some students living close to school begin to collect plastics they took from home. This shown that they were very interested in taking part of the activity. As they collect, the Business Team will register student’s name and amount of plastics collected. The register will the be reported to the Environmental Science teacher for further action. We thank School Enterprise Challenge to have this activity in which all students get involved to keep their environment clean. We are planning in the new school year to put waste management into our curriculum.

Student registering plastics waste she collected

The process of plastics collecting and registering is continuing for the rest of two weeks. Day by day number of plastics from students are more and more. We have many kind of plastics waste ranging from waste of daily need, weekly need and monthly need. The most plastics waste were coffee-package waste, soap, and followed by plastics cooking oil package. Up to October 15 we have collected as many as 17 kg of plastics waste from about 100 students. We are pretty sure if this activity is carried out through the year we could be able to free environment from plastics waste. We are planning to produce more products as more products we produce there less waste left!.

Sample of plastics waste collected by student

Gaining new charger

October 15, 2011

The rest two weeks of October was marked by a very good news. Yes, we came up as the runner up of September photo competition hosted by School Enterprise Challenge. We have had more than 400 “likes” to our photo. The picture was students wearing plastics holding a globe with background plastics waste we collected. This picture represents what our activity all about. If those plastics  are not managed we believe the whole world will be covered by those waste. Our business is part the solution to this problem.

Our business icon came up as the runner up on photo contest

As the news was being told all students particularly the business team were listening very silently. “This is a very good news, as you all are aware that we are taking part on photo contest. And we came up as…the….the runner up”, the Project Leader explained. All students and teacher were very happy to hear the news. We gained new charger to do the business.

The making of pencil box

October 16, 2011

Photo contest certificate

As our enterprise is part of extra-curricula that is why this activity is carried out on week end so that students are able to do the business without leaving schools. Having discussion with the team on what product we should produce first, we decided to start from the simplest one to the hardest: pencil box. To start with activity we divided the production teams into sub-groups. Each sub-group consists of three students. They had different job to do. Some were responsible for selecting plastics (basic materials), designing, cutting, and others responsible for sewing. The total sub-groups were 4.

Having given short briefing by the Production Coordinator the groups started to  make products. The overall activity was as followed:

1. Designing. In this stage students design form, size and type of pencil box. There were lot of models students made.

2. Cutting. In the second stage students cut plastics according to design the have made. It seemed that this part was the most difficult part. Nevertheless they show great anxiety and excitement to do the activity.

3. Sewing. The sewing process mostly carried out by girls. They were students who have been following extra-curriculum activity for about a year.

4. Finishing. The last stage was finishing the products that was to make pencil box look more interesting, neat and suitable to youth life

The business teams are working


These two weeks were very busy one to us. The team members had to do a lot of works. Besides doing the business students also had to follow regular lessons at schools so that they did not have a lot of lessons to catch up. This delayed our plan of being able to produce products in time.

At the end of the activity we only could finish working on making the final design of end-design. We are planning to do the business in the morning before school time. This decision we hope can give us more time to make our production so that in November we begun to market the product.

Before we finished working we had had brief discussion on what to do in November beside finishing what we did today. We agreed to do another work that was to start making bag from another waste combined with plastics waste. The teams were really excited to have another thing to do. The Project Leader explained that this new product would be bag for many purposes. So, stay tuned on this blog.

The designing process

Cutting the design

End design

Plastics waste end-design




Sewing process


2 responses to “School Enterprise Challenge: phase II (part 2)

  1. This is a fabulous blog! Well done on a your hard work!

  2. Thank you very much. We hope what we are doing could lessen Earth’s burden of plastics pollution while doing our enterprise.

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