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When market goes…

on November 14, 2011


November is really busy month for us as beside we had to finish the production activities we also had to market, check financial status, and write final report about our enterprise. In addition to these assignments, we had to give manual printing training to the teams. This training will enable the team to innovate our products. Yes, product innovation should be our specific touch.

Even though this month put us on the most stressing condition: overload works, but as November rain comes things turned into brighter place . The Project Leader had always pour his cool words that keep us on spirit. He reminded us that we should cooperate to be on the track. Think first think and together we can were the two powerful phrases! In this blog you can read our full activities during the month. Our hectic life of our business started to shine when market goes..

Bags production

November 5-6, 2011

As we have written on October blog entry, the rest of November would also be used to make bag from combined with plastics. This activity seemed to be the most difficult time for the team. Fortunately, as some of the students (grade VIII and IX have been equipped with sewing skill there was no serious problem arose. We could run the activity well.

In order all activities could run smoothly we divided the team into some sub-division according to who did what systems. Hence, all the team work did their part accordingly. There were two main activities: making bag from plastics waste and making bag from gunny combined with plastics waste.

The process of making bag from plastic waste was almost the same with the making of pencil case as we have explained in previous activity. The final product of the activity was a bag as shown below.

School bag made from plastic waste

Another type of school bag we made was that bag made from gunny combined with plastic waste. We came to decision of making this kind of bag was that we found that “gunny” has not been recycled into other stuffs.

It took two days for the team to finish the bags. The activity was carried out on week end starting in the morning until afternoon.

The process of making gunny-waste-based bag was almost similar to the process of plastic waste based ones. There was a slight difference of the basic material used. Most of the basic materials for this bag were organic waste and can be found easily at our surrounding. Followings are basic materials and step to make the bag.

A. Materials needed

1. Gunny waste

2. Plastics waste

3. Coconut shell

4. Rope

5. Rope-bag plastic holder

B. Steps

1. Clean gunny bag by washing thoroughly

2. Dry under shining sun

3. Cut the gunny bag according to specific model

4. Sew the cut-gunny accordingly

5. Cut another gunny for bag rope

6. Cut coconut button in the form of button

7. Stick all part together

8. Gunny bag is ready

Gunny sack used as basic material

Cutting process according to design

Sewing process to join all parts

An end product "school bag" made from gunny sack

As result we could made as many as 15 plastic bags and 10 gunny-plastic bags. The team agreed to market some of the products to our students and the rest would go to other schools.

These two both marketing strategies we hoped could broaden our market place as well as a mean to promote a more eco-friendly way of living.

Based on our observation students were really proud of being able to wear school bags they produce themselves. When I asked a student what he think of the bag, he say,” I like it very much. I am proud to wear. It’s a simple promotion on how we care of environment”.

Considering that community has an important role in promoting eco-friendly life style, we decided to make bag from plastic waste for them. Those bags are especially used when women go to market. The process of making such bags are the same with plastic waste-based school bags. Nevertheless, this kind of bag is designed with special touch. We put interesting pictures on the bags such as fruits, vegetable, motto, view or any draw to attract people’s attention and as part of sustainable living-style.

The following photos figure out how those bags are made, what materials are needed and how  end product look like.

Innovation makes our products perfect

November 11-13, 2011

We believe “innovation” is an important part of our business. By innovating products we can compete and win market. Such innovation can be made ranging from the simplest to the hardest one. As we had explained in last month blog entry, we would differ our product by giving choices to the consumers according to their preference of the bags we design.

To meet the customers’ expectation on November 11 and 12 we had had manual-printing training for the production team. This activity was carried out in the morning before students went to schools and last for two days. The training materials were theory followed by practice. During the training the students shown great excitement and followed the activity happily. As the result of the these activities we were able to produce bags and other products with our own pictures designs. Following photos show activity of the trainings.

The Production Team taking picture before the training

Materials used on the training

End product with our own picture design

The training was really useful for the team because through the program they were able to mix paint into more colours and was an opportunity to express their though. Following are some drawers the team made and will be printed out on the next products.

At the time we are writing this blog we have produced many kinds of products with different designs and different purposes as shown on the following photos.

Pencil case

School bag

School bag

Multipurposes bag

Shopping bag


Time flies so fast when we have  good time! Yes, it has been almost seven months we have been blogging.Through the months we have been doing and learning a lot of things: business planning, fund raising, product processing, and product marketing.

Those activities keep us busy and we hardly have time to check our financial status, how much much money we had earned from the business. We almost forget to give attention and opportunity to Marketing and Financial Unit to report their work. We then asked the team to settle a short discussion on the issue. Based on the financial report made by the team, we learn that our business has been running very well. We were so proud of the team that had made money as market goes.

We have been successful networking with shops and school in addition to student to student sale. The report was also great source  from where we studied that student to student marketing strategy was the most successful one. In the future we need to promote our products in such way so that more people would use our products.

The Financial Team reporting our financial status


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  1. The bags look fantastic, and great news that the students are so proud of promoting the the idea of care for the environment through the promotion of the bags! Looking forward to hearing your next update.

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