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School to school campaign

on March 16, 2013

There is close connection between supply and demand in captive dolphin show (circus). As long as the demand exist and so does the show. Unless public are educated how captivity is cruel, better changes are almost impossible to happens.


As a part of the effort to end the show, I have been raising of awareness for not to visit marine parks (dolphinariums) through schools. This activity will be continuing with more schools get involved both nationally and globally.

Fact shows, visiting such show has been school agenda in the name of what they call “a part of education”. Thus, this very important to raise awareness through schools. I have been informed, in the Philippines for example, as many as hundred students visit captive dolphin show in a day. It also happens in almost part of the world including Indonesia.


Let’s end this cruelty by supporting my activity or spreading the message at the closet to ourselves: the family and neighbor.


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