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Education for less fortunate children through volunteer schools in disaster areas.

on June 28, 2013

Without exception every child has right to have education. In theory, the state guarantees the right of children to education as outlined in the Constitution of 1945. However, in practice other facts prove that there are millions of children due to various barriers have not had access to education. longsor rumah_0

In general there are 3 (three) main barriers, economic barriers, culture and geography. Economic barriers are community income levels that they are not able to finance their children’s education. These conditions especially for orphans and those whose parents do not have a steady job. Cultural factors is a view to place education is not something that is important for children especially for women. There is a common view within the community that is no matter how high on level she will eventually return to the “kitchen”. While geography factor is a long distance from residential to schools as well as dwellings geography prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and landslides.

To overcome these obstacles, in 2012 the Diva Tunas Bangsa Foundation (Yayasan Diva Tunas Bangsa) opened Diva Tunas Bangsa Vocational High School. The opening of that institution has been helping rural children gain an education so they can be equal with other children and in turn forward their future will be brighter.

The opening of the school is still facing problems, to mention there are two main problems, namely the cost for children who can not afford and orphans, operating costs and efforts to ensure the safety of students as a place where the school is located is an area prone to earthquakes and disasters, especially hurricanes. In 2012 in the local area has occurred landslides and hurricanes and resulting in loss of property and lives.Gempa 6,7 2

Therefore, special efforts are needed so that the continuity of education and children’s safety could be guaranteed. Alternative is to do with foster parents and to seek training to mitigate the negative impact of natural disasters.


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