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Reaching the unreached in education

on July 4, 2013

1011199_10201420401621345_601361920_n One thing that makes me happy is that seeing children in the rural area going to school. I believe education will harvest eternal smile in the future of those children. We can smile when children laugh, without being confronted with the problem. However, when they grow a variety of issues they must face. Thus, it is our duty to facilitate them so that they can go to school and have a brighter future. To me, there must be more children attending school in this new school year coming shortly.

A home occupied with 5 people

A home occupied with 5 people

For these efforts, today accompanied Bapak Ukar, the community leader (RT) I made a community visit to make sure if there were children do not gain education. With our bike we went down the street winding and steep. We had to be extra careful given the impassable terrain is quite vulnerable. Last night rain had made the road slippery prophecy. Along the way we enjoyed the beautiful trees. All are green.

Along the way to the community houses

Along the way to the community houses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally we arrived at the community houses and took a rest after a fairly exhausting journey. We were pleased to meet and discuss with Mr. Budiman, a junior teacher to reassure parents and children about the importance of education. We also had a nice chat with the villagers. Today was a tiring day but meaningful one. It’s life to care.


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